Laser Leveling

Smoothing, leveling and making a suitable slope (grade) on the field considering the soil permeability coefficient and texture, to prevent flood and soil erosion, and to create the same situation for the distribution of water at same depth throughout the farm is leveling.

Leveling and grading the Earth by the Use of Laser: Land Leveling Technology is a new and effective strategy for better usage of water resources, fertilizers, seeds and also it increases agricultural productivity. That is because, considerable fluctuations and roughness on field slopes are one of the most important causes of low crop efficiency. In land leveling by laser, it requires a laser transmitter, a laser receiver, a control panel. The laser transmitter which is positioned at a point of the field, transmits a rotating laser beam that is used as the reference datum by the laser receiver mounted on the leveling bucket. The control panel mounted on the tractor interprets the signals from the receiver and opens or closes the hydraulic control valve, which raises or lowers the bucket scraper.

Advantages of laser land leveling:

Decreasing irrigation depth by % 32.4 Decreasing the irrigation time by % 25 Increased performance by % 20
Increased rate of field under cultivation by %10 Easy and effective harvesting operation (decreased Labour force) by %32.4